What Was Demichelis Betting On?

It’s not been the best season in the long career of Martin Demichelis. Despite being much maligned by the media since joining City, he’s actually had some good games in previous seasons. Yes he’s been prone to the odd howler, but often he’s looked every inch the international player – a fact that’s been skipped by his critics.

But it’s fair to say that this season has seen more bad games than good, and now he’s topped it all off by accepting the FA’s charge for breaking betting rules. The BBC report states that “There is no suggestion the charge related to any City games in which Demichelis has featured this season, nor any match he could have had any influence over.” So that doesn’t state categorically that he hasn’t bet on his own games, just that there is no evidence that he has.

With that in mind, we thought of a few betting markets that Martin could have sunk his cash into to make a guaranteed betting profit this season.

  • Both Teams To Score in any match that he’s been involved in. We know City are top heavy in terms of the talent in the squad, and will pretty much always score. This season, Martin’s blooper count is so high, he’s certainly done his best to make sure BTTS comes in more often than not. Especially at home (where he can get down to the bookies quickly after the game) both teams have scored in 62% of City’s home matches so far.
  • Manchester Derby: Marcus Rashford To Score Anytime I’m not saying Demichelis wanted Rashford to score, just that he chose to sit down on his arse while an 18 year old kid whipped the ball past him and scored. We do sympathise – at 35 we’d have struggled to stop 18 year olds sprinting past us as well. But at least stand up and don’t embarrass yourself fella.
  • Martin Demichelis Next Club: Not Man City yes Pep will have been watching, and if his reported summer clearout comes to pass, it’s unlikely that Demichelis will survuve it based on this season’s performances. He could make a few quid betting on himself to leave, then pocket a nice signing on fee from whichever MLS or Chinese Super League club wants to fork out for his services.

NOTE: Before anyone gets upset – this is just for fun. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we have no right to laugh at others either, so if the fact we’re having a sly dig at Martin offends you, go read something else.

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