The City of Manchester Campus – part one

The Etihad Campus in Manchester, wow! Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m not a Manchester City fan, in fact I’m not a fan of any football team. Which you might be pleased to hear, I never have been but I do enjoy watching football. I also like to write and research stuff though and after a recent visit to Phillips Park to see some dinosaurs with my children I contacted to see if I could put this piece together for them and you. They said yes and here I am.

If you’re not aware of Phillips Park, then it’s located about five minutes walk north-east of your football stadium and about ten minutes north of your campus, complex and other stuff. I’m from Oldham and hadn’t been around this area for sometime and couldn’t believe the change in scenery. It was fantastic, and so I wanted to do a bit of digging as I don’t know too much about the history of your club. Except that they have come a very long way from where you were to where you are now! As City fans you probably know most of it already, but you never know!

1960’s success with Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison

In 1894 you became Manchester City but before that were known as Ardwick AFC, having originally started out as a church team from Gorton from around 1860 to 1870. Ardwick AFC was born and eventually you joined the football league in 1892, only for the club to collapse just two years later. Your manager at the time though Joshua Parlby made a speech at the time, saying a city like Manchester needed to have a football team and so City was born. Of course it would be another eight years before your rivals Manchester United were officially re-named and formed.

In 1922 you moved to Maine Road where you remained for eighty years before relocating to your current new home. With minimal success in the 1930’s with a League Championship and FA Cup victory, it was later in the 1960’s when you had the most success until recent times.

UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup winners 1969–70

With Joe Mercer as your manager and with Malcolm Allison working with him as a coach they formed a very succesful partnership in their time together. Surprisingly and from what I’ve read though, they were two completely different people and characters, but somehow worked brilliantly together to bring you success. Firstly in the league once again and then both domestic cup competitions and of course European triumph. Winning the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in the 1969–70 season. Helped with your three famous players of Summerbee, Lee and Bell being your main stars and best players.

Everything looked so bright and the future looked to bring even more success after being promoted in 1966 and then winning those various trophies in the following fours years was fantastic for you. What could go wrong?

Thank you so much to Charlie for his brief history of our great club, his “The City of Manchester (Etihad) Stadium – part two will be updated next month in August before our Premier League 2017/18 season begins. You can also find “The City of Manchester Campus – part three here as well.

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