Pep’s first game at home in the Premier League

Can you believe it, Pep is here and will finally be taking charge of his first Premier League tomorrow in charge of our club – Manchester City. Wow indeed! Yes he’s been here a while already, he’s taken our team on their pre-season tour. He brought in new players, he’s got rid of players – that’s no different to many new managers though going in at a new club you might say. This however is Pep Quardiola though.

Pep doesn’t just bring in players for the sake of it, from what I have heard he’s ruthless and particular. Therefore if a player has been selected and purchased on his request, he must see something in that player that he knows can perform like the players he has managed in the past. If that is the case, then us City fans are in for one great ride over the coming years and I cannot wait.

He’s certainly not messed around in the transfer window either, and I’ll go into that in a moment. First of all though I want to point out the players he released, or more to the point the lack of players that have so far left the club. Barring any youngsters that might of left, the only two notable players to have left so far are Martin Demichelis and (not that notable really) Richard Wright. Both due to their contracts ending and more to the fact that Wright never played one game for us. My point is that he’s currently holding off on getting rid of any more players until he sees what at least each one of them can do individually as well as bringing to the team and squad.

IIkay Gundogan

You could say that with all the money spent (nearly £120mil), he should be looking to recoup some of that cash. What’s the rush though, it might be the wrong way to look at it but we don’t need the money. Of course if you want to sell players you do but what is the rush currently? We have at least five games before the window closes, so why not get a look at as many of the players as possible whilst still looking to win all of our games. Any that then do not fit in, move on, at least you have at least given them the chance and I like that.


Onto the transfers coming in, lets take a look at the £120 million spent:

  1. IIkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund for £21.0m
  2. Nolito from Celta Vigo for £13.8m
  3. Leroy Sane from Schalke for £37.0m
  4. John Stones from Everton for £47.5m
  5. Alexander Zinchenko from FC Ufa for an undisclosed fee

I’m aware Aaron Mooy was brought in too on a free transfer from Australia, but he’ll be nowhere near the first team squad after pretty much being loaned straight out to Huddersfield Town. Certainly some money spent there, but all impress me and I cannot wait to see them perform and what role each will play.

On to the game tomorrow, we’re up as the seventh Premier League game of the day and the 5.30pm kick off live on BT Sport. In recent seasons gone by, barring the odd game, you’d put this down as a routine home victory and I’m sure most will do on their betting slip. I think so too but obviously anything can happen on the opening day of the season when two brand new managers are in charge of their new teams for the first time when it actually matter.

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