Kevin De Bruyne: Would You Pay To Watch Him Now Savage?

Robbie Savage has made quite a successful career out of being a massive tool. Fair play to him, most complete knobs just stay at home and claim benefits, or at the very best get a job in McDonalds.

When he was a player it was kind of ok, as you only had to put up with him if your team was playing against whichever second rate side he was currently turning out for. But now he’s a pundit it’s worse, there is no avoiding the bellend. He’s on TV, radio, and in the papers if anyone still reads them. That means his moronic opinions are now “news” whether we like it or not.

It does make it easier to laugh at him though. Yes – even easier. So back at the start of this season when he shared his thoughts on City’s new signing, Kevin De Bruyne, it was hard to escape the feeling he was setting himself up for yet another fall. Because old Robbie doesn’t rate Kevin you know. He thinks he’s an average player (yes, the irony is completely lost on him) and he would’t pay to see him play.

So now that KDB has established himself as city’s key man, scored a bag full of domestic goals, plus the winner against PSG taking City further than they have ever been in the Champions League, it’s time to remind Robbie of what he said.

So, Robbie. Would you pay to see him play now, you tosspot? If not, don’t worry. You can watch his highlights for free!

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