How can Man City win the league?

By winning games of course, but how do we win games? By scoring lots of goals and playing entertaining football. Winning the league again by any means would be pleasing, but if we can win the league scoring lots of goals each game then it will be a truly outstanding achievement.

How many shall we score tomorrow? It’s a good question and a question I hear quite often at the moment. I bet the bookies are loving fans lumping cash on us and on how many we might score? Unfortunately it will not last, not that I don’t want it to of course. However, it simply cannot keep happening, especially the volume of goals we’re getting. We’ve had a couple of occasions this season where we haven’t scored loads but just managed to ground out a win. Bournemouth springs to mind.

Burnley at home tomorrow will give us a battle too, but with our current confidence so high the win should come no problem. It’s the speed and pace that we start the game with that is the key. If we score early doors like we have done on so many occasions, then we can normally go on and get a handful. As for the players, they’re on different levels at times but one thing is for sure, they all seem to believe in what Pep is wanting them to do.

For that reason, the players are growing with more and more confidence all the time. Sterling is like a brand new player, he’s been exceptional this season so far. The goals he’s scored already I thought might only be his whole tally for the season. Kevin De Bruyne is all the rage at the moment too, the press love him but for me it comes as no surprise though. The guy is quality. I’ve always known this and I bet Pep can believe he’s got this lad. His brain just seems to work well in advance of his feet which helps him no end. That finish against Chelsea was truly world class.

Defensively as a team we still look vulnerable at times. That is not so much of a worry, it’s more of just a little concern than anything at the moment. More so when we play against the bigger boys in the Champions League latter stages. That’ll not be until February so we have plenty of time to work on that. In the meantime, let’s keep playing the Pep way because I’m loving it.

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