Can Man City go unbeaten?

Maybe we can, maybe we can’t but by getting results like this below anything is possible. I have been mesmerized by our performances recently but the amount of goals we’re scoring is absolutely frightening. We’ve played five games so far this month with two more to go, first up Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League in two days time. Followed by a trip down to London to face last seasons champions Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. In what promising to be an outstanding game if we continue this scoring rate.

6-0 vs Watford who didn’t play too bad

In the first three games in September we scored 15 goals. That’s fifteen goals… in three games. Now I’ve followed City for many years but did I ever think we’d get to where we are now? No, no I didn’t and even with all the money that has come into our great club I don’t think you could have either. There is no doubting that without the cash that has come in we wouldn’t be where we are now. Does that bother me? Not in the slightest and for me, I see it as a just reward for me and all those other fans that have stuck by this club over the years and supported us through thick and thin.

To think we were playing League Two football less than twenty years ago after a turbulent up and down decade in the 1990′s in astonishing. Of course we still laugh at ourselves, after all we’re Manchester City. We have created comedy for others over the years, so they can laugh at us, we still do but just nowhere near as much as we once did. The younger fans that have only really known success over the last ten years get told stories by their fathers, uncles and older brothers that they just don’t believe. Those youngish supporters are now the future fans, they’re the ones that will follow our club for years to come and hopefully see more success. Good luck to them, enjoy the ride!

Saturday 23rd September
Premier League
Manchester City 5 – 0 Crystal Palace

Wednesday 20th September
Carabao Cup
West Bromwich Albion 1 – 2 Manchester City

Saturday 16th September
Premier League
Watford 0 – 6 Manchester City

Wednesday 13th September
UEFA Champions League
Feyenoord 0 – 4 Manchester City

Saturday 9th September
Premier League
Manchester City 5 – 0 Liverpool

Look at it again, 5-0, 0-4, 0-6 and 5-0, what a shocking display away to WBA, only scoring two goals and actually conceding one. What were we playing at that night? I’m joking of course, it was still a good display that took us into the next round of the League Cup and hopefully another trophy. Bring on Shakhtar first.

Manchester City 5 – 0 Liverpool


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